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Corporate News

CSG Product Delivery to Large SOE's Overseas Project

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CSG hosted the delivery ceremony of CSG products to CRBC (China Road & Bridge Corporation) Belarus Project successfully on March 26 in Qingzhou, Shandong province. CSG Brand Group President Tom Pellette, CSG Brand Vice President and Chairman of CSG Brand China Qihua Chen and CSG Chairman & General Manager Kebao Yang attend the ceremony along with the distinguished guests Vice Chief Engineer Mr. Xiaodong Xu and Materials & Equipment Dep’t Business Manager Mr. Chuan Li from CRBC as well as CSG leadership team and employee representatives.

CRBC grew out of the Foreign Aid Office of the Ministry of Communications of China. In 1979, CRBC was formally established with the approval of State Council with renaming and restructure respectively in 1989 and 1997. In 2005, it became China Road and Bridge Corporate after a major corporate restructuring.

CRBC is one of the first engineering construction companies that expand the business to international markets as well as one of the most successful engineering construction companies in the field of overseas construction operation till now.

The cooperation between CRBC and CSG Machinery marked a milestone for CSG Machinery. It is the first time for CSG machinery to export machines to support CRBC Belarus Project. At the same time, it is a key part of CSG brand to align with the "One Belt One Road Strategy" announced by China's President Xi.

Relying on the advance technology, superior products quality and global after service system, CSG machinery won the bidding to start the cooperation with CRBC. In addition, CSG machinery diversified products can provide the customers with complete engineering construction solutions as a great advantage.