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Technological Innovation


CSG160 fixed axle transmission

CSG160 fixed axle transmission Fixed-axle electric controlled transmission, full power gear shifting.
With KD (kick-down) function, the gear shifting is smooth and it reduces driver fatigue and improves work efficiency.
High contact ratio gear design, smooth load transfer, low noise and high durability.
4 forward gears and 3 reverse gears, electric control, meeting the requirements for various work conditions.
Manual and fully automatic gear shifting mode provides a more comfortable and convenient driving operation.
Oil filter bypass alert
Gear shifting protection
Auxiliary emergency steering pump connector
Electronic diagnostic tools (CSG EDT) with data logging diagnosis and inspection function.

CSG SI drive axle

4-section structure, full-enclosed design
Total drive ratio 21.82:1 matches with the load of CSG160 transmission
Fixed front axle, swing rear axle (swing angle ±12°)
Built-in final drive, low noise
The built-in brake system provides efficient brake performance and excellent cooling capacity with small brake force.
The oil-immersed multi-plate disc brake structure enables it to freely adjust the brake fore and effectively avoid contaminant.
Large brake radius, high brake efficiency, and short brake distance.
Large size axle shaft brings the final drive larger torque.
Better performance and durability.


Load Feedback Hydrostatic Drive System

Load Feedback Hydrostatic Drive System It can automatically adjust the speed and power to match the load changes, and provide uninterrupted power transmission to the track.
The variable displacement piston pump and motor can provide unilateral track with independent power.
It can quickly realize speed up, reversing and precise steering control, 0-10 km/h stepless speed regulation, as well as power steering and pivot steering function, which improves work efficiency.

Electric Control Speed Regulation Single Lever

Electric Control Speed Regulation Single Lever

The steering and speed control are integrated in single lever, and there is also a ground speed setting button, which provides unparallel control ability, maneuverability and productivity.


Motor Grader

Load Sensing Variable Displacement Hydraulic System

Load Sensing Variable Displacement Hydraulic System Unique proportional priority and pressure compensation valve
Load sensing and pressure compensation
Power and flow distribution according to need and achieve synchronous operation
Built-in lock-up valve reduces leakage at pipe connections and reduces trouble.

World-class Blade Application Range

World-class Blade Application Range

7-hole linkage meets the requirements for wide work conditions.
Electro-hydraulic control traction frame locating pin; control in cab, no tools are required, finished in one minute.


Road Roller

CSG Brand Patented Eccentric Mechanism

Internal cavity structure, amplitude is achieved through the change of ball position; fully sealed steel ball enables smooth amplitude and reduces the impact, which ensures the stability and reliability of the whole system, and eliminates lubricant pollution and bearing wear caused by scrap iron generated as the eccentric block in the conventional vibration systems.

Dual frequency and amplitude design

The movable steel ball and the fixed eccentric block are overlaid so that the weight of the eccentric block is increased and the high amplitude is achieved.
The movable ball offsets the partial weight of the eccentric block and thus low amplitude is achieved.

Quality Guarantee

100% 3D design and 100% JT inspection reduces failures during the design and trial production phase.
First-class structure analysis team and support from CSG Brand experts guarantee reliable structural design and longer service life.
First-class noise analysis team and technical support from CSG Brand noise analysis experts.
Simulation analysis on machine performance, material application, heat treatment and noises, etc.

CSG Brand Loader Test Field


As a famous Chinese construction machinery enterprise, CSG has an impeccable loader test field. And CSG is currently the sole enterprise that has a complete machine test field in the industry in China. First-class test team, instruments and test site guarantee product performance and reliability. Other national departments also borrow CSG’s test field to conduct product testing and evaluation.

“8”-shaped runway—used to test the loader performance in the aspects of steering, bumping and flexibility of articulation.

Loop runway—used to test the loader performance in travel, speed up and brake.

Grade-ability test field—used to test the loader traction, grade-ability and brake performance under full load condition. CSG requires that all loaders have the grade-ability of 30% under full load condition.

Bumping test field—used to test the vibration absorption performance and the firmness of the structural parts under full loader conditions.

Breakout force test field— used to test the tipping load of the loader under straight travel and full steering conditions.

Work efficiency and fuel consumption test field— used to test the loader’s work efficiency and fuel consumption under various work conditions.

Noise test field—used to test the noise during loader operation with full load, and keep it in accordance with the national noise standards.

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